Residential Halqa-e-Darood Mehfil's continue with MWL Walsall


Halqa-e-Darood Mehfil at Sister Saiqa Azhar’s House in Walsall Wednesday 25th February 2015.

The Mehfil started at 1pm with recitation from the Glorious Quran by Sister Shazia Naz, followed by all sisters reciting Qaseeda Burda Shareef and Darood Shareef out loud for a few minutes and then Darood Shareef was read silently, Sister Lubna Hashmi recited a beautiful Naat.

Sister Zohra Fazal then gave a short talk on the Fazilat of Darood o Salaam and the programme concluded with a very spiritual Dua by Sister Mussarat Hussain.

Reported by Sister Seema Shahzad (Media Secretary)