MQI Walsall director reaches out to tackle issues in Alumwell community


Ali Akbar, Director MQI Walsall met Jonathan Bentley (Senior Minister) and Messy Joy from the Church at Junction 10 in Village Hotel Walsall on 18th June, 2012.


Both the parties discuss the problems and issues local Alumwell community in particular and Walsall in general is facing and planned to move forward for the welfare of the local community. They agreed to start some sports activities to tackle Anti-social behaviour and provide a safe, healthy and learning environment to our youth.

It was also decided to do a survey to find out what issues the local women and elderly citizens are facing. After the survey, both MQI,Walsall and the Church at Junction 10 can launch some projects to facilitate the local community. The next meeting will be held once the survey is completed.