MWL Walsall takes to the waves on Radio Ramadhan


Every year Minhaj-ul-Quran International Walsall runs Radio Ramadhan for the whole of the holy month of Ramadhan.  It proves both successful for the mosque and beneficial for the community.  As always various Businesses sponsor our radio and we are very grateful to these businesses that sponsor us in this worthwhile cause, also people from Walsall and surrounding areas volunteer their time to present programmes of various topics.

Youngsters present youth shows at certain times and other presenters do their share in bringing the community all sorts of information and also competitions are held and prizes are given out to lucky winners.

The Women League have a slot of 1pm—3pm every day.  Sister Seema who is the Secretary General of the Walsall Women League presents Monday to Friday (Womens Show) a show which would have been presented by Baji Mussarat our President of Womens League Walsall, unfortunately Baji was unable to present this year due to her mother being ill.  Baji was in Pakistan this year and hopefully will be with us again next year.  Sister Seema's show bought different topics every day including a cookery programme and on Saturday and Sunday sister Razia who is in charge of Women League Finance and sister Ranii who is in charge of writing our reports and Halqa Durood Shareef presented a beautiful mehfil e naat programme, where listeners phone in to recite naats, nasheeds and Tilawat e Quran.  All Women League programmes have competitions and winners are invited into the studio to recite any naat and receive their prizes.  People have enjoyed the Women League programmes and the feedback has been very good and informative.  We have also been selling raffle tickets to raise money for the mosque and have done very well.

Baji Mussarat who is the president of Women League Walsall has been greatly missed during this month but inshaAllah she will be back soon.  We hope we have made her proud of our work in her absence.

MashaAllah the radio has been very successful as always and inshaAllah we will continue to work for our mosque and our Mission Minhaj ul Quran with the blessings of Almighty Allah and the waseela of Nabi e Karim (S.A.W.) and the dua of our Qaid Shaykh ul Islam (Dr Mohammed Tahir ul Qadri).