Seekers – Islamic Courses at Universities


Seekers is an Educational forum committed to educating and informing Muslims about the correct teachings of Islam. Seekers aims to address the latest issues facing Muslim students and general society today.

Seekers is focused in creating both a micro level and mass Dawah initiative across universities in the UK. For this reason, Seekers has dedicated seminars and courses the first of its kind for Muslims living in the west. Through these initiatives, we aim to produce Islamic knowledge, to empower Muslims; therefore, enabling them to educate local communities, and facilitate spreading the true message of Islam, through Dawah.

To achieve this, Seekers has actively sought to put together a dedicated team of British Islamic Scholars who will provide the quality education and value that this task requires in today’s time.

"It was great Mash-a-Allah! I felt I learnt a lot, and I hope to join many other classes in the future." (Seekers Student)

The first course –SHIRK? - took place at the University of East London (UEL) on 22 January 2014. It was led by Ustadh Waqas Amin who carried out an intense lecture providing the students a scholarly insight into the correct understanding of what Shirk is according to Quran and Sunna. The course was divided into the following three lectures:

  1. Lecture 1: Tawhid and Shirk - Fundamental Concepts
  2. Lecture 2: Reclaiming the Quran – The True concept of ‘Beside of Allah’
  3. Lecture 3: Understanding the literal and figurative usage in the Quran.

Seekers is organising similar courses at the end of February 2014 at Universities in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bradford and Glasgow. For further information about our future courses, please follow the link:

Seekers is supported by Lets Revive (a project of Minhaj Welfare Foundation) – an initiative to support Islamic Education resources for British Muslims.

Report by: Adnan Sohail