MWL Brierfield hold their weekly Halqa Darood mehfil


On the 29th of September, MWL Brierfield held their weekly Halqa Darood mehfil. Many sisters were in attendance. The mehfil started with everyone sending Darood on our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

The mehfil progressed with Sister Asia (MWL Brierfield Dawah Secretary) praying verses from chapter 1 of the Quran, a continuation from the previous week followed by translation in Urdu from Irfan-ul-Quran. Following this, sisters Asia, Riffat, Fayaaza and Rehana recited ‘Balagul ula bi kamalihi’ and everyone was encouraged to join in and participate.

Sisters Asia and Izla discussed hadeeth and Sister Shagufta (teacher at the mosque) did an informative speech on namaz and ajr. The speech covered various aspects of reading namaz the correct positioning of hands throughout namaz.

Sister Asia prayed Salaam in her melodious voice and everyone joined in. This was followed by zikr and dua by sister Shagufta concluding the mehfil. The attendees where served with lovely food prepared by sister Fayaaza.


This report was written by Sister Kanval Ashraf MWL North Zone Deputy Secretary.