MWL (North Zone) hold training workshope


On 29th April 2017, Minhaj Women League North held a tanzeemi workshop open for all Tanzeems in the North to attend. The workshop was held at Minhaj Welfare Foundation in Manchester and was attended by tanzeemi groups from Bradford, Prestwich, Burnley, Manchester, Cheethamhill, Blackburn, Accrington, Oldham, Ashton, Nelson, Halifax, Sheffield and Tinsley. Approximately 75 women from the various tanzeems attended.

The aim of the workshop was to gather all MWL North tanzeems together to educate them regarding the work of Minhaj-ul-Quran especially focusing on the role of media, dawah and welfare.

Before the workshop started, all attendees registered and were served breakfast. The workshop was hosted by Sister Nasreen Akhtar (President, MWL North Zone) and Sister Shaila Parveen (General Secretary, MWL North Zone). All the attendees were welcomed. Sister Amna Ajmal (MWL Manchester) recited beautiful verses from the Holy Qur’an followed by Qaseeda Burda Shareef read in the melodious voices of Sister Zahida (MWL Burnley), Sister Parveen (MWL Nelson) and Sister Noshaza (MWL Burnley).

The workshop progressed with MWL North team and MWL UK Executives delivering presentations regarding Media (MWL North Dawah Secretary, Sister Ehram), Welfare (MWL North Welfare Secretary, Sister Sehrish), Dawah (MWL North Dawah Secretary, Sister Ehram), Social Media (MWL UK Vice General Secretary, Sister Madiha Khawaja) and membership (Sister Zahra Hussain). The presenters interacted with the audience and answered their questions. A heart touching talk was delivered by Ustaza Fatima Mash’hadi (President MWL UK) in which she motivated the attendees and praised them for all their hard work and efforts.

Half way during the workshop lunch was served and time was allowed for Zuhr prayer.

The workshop continued with a beautiful naat recited by Sister Jamila (MWL Halifax). All North MWL tanzeemat were handed certificates to highlight and appreciate their hard work and achievements. All tanzeems were motivated, and individual tanzeems were given targets for the next year. This was followed by a motivational and educational talk by Sister Mussarat (MWL UK General Secretary). The workshop was concluded by beautiful words and dua by Ustaza Fatima Mash’hadi.

Attendees found the workshop very informative and expressed the need for such workshops to be held at least once a year.