Minhaj Sisters Midlands visit Methodist Circuit Ladies Group

Minhaj Sisters

As part of the inter faith work of Minhaj Sisters, sister Rania Hussain Qadri visited the Methodist Circuit Ladies Group. Sister Rania had been invited by Minister Liam Dacre-Davies to talk about the mosque church twinning, she spoke to the ladies about the role of Muslim women in the local community . 

There was a question and answer session which allowed the ladies to ask sister Rania questions about the work that Minhaj Sisters are doing . This was quite an eye opener for both parties as many misconceptions came to light which sister Rania was able to clarify to the listeners.
Without these kinds of talks many people will continue to harbour wrong ideas about Islam and Muslims but thanks to the works of Sayyidi Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri many people are learning the correct meaning of Islam.