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Minhaj Women League Tinsley Pakistan Independence Day 2016

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On the 17th August 2016 at the Tinsley Islam Centre, Sheffield more than three hundred ladies attended an event that was not to be missed. There were fun, games, activities for all.

MWL Tinsley hold Durood mehfils

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The Mehfil consisted of Sister Nasreen Akhtar (Dawah Secretary) beginning by a Tilawat. This was then followed by Durood Sharif which was recited for around 30-40 minutes by all the attendees. The amount of Durood Sharif read each week is recorded and passed on at national level by the Dawa secretary.

MWL Tinsley celebrates the Birth of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ

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During this Blessed month we have held various Mawlid Mehfils. These Mehfils were organised by MWL Tinsley with participation from local individuals within the community. Some of the Sister's involved are as follows:

Syeda Zainab (Alaihis Salaam) Conference held by MWL Tinsley, Sheffield

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The Syeda Zainab (Alaihis Salaam) Conference took place on Sunday 1st of November 2015 between 12:00 - 5:00pm at the Tinsley Islam Centre.

Muharram Mehfils by MWL Tinsley, Sheffield

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The 12 day programmes that commenced on the first of Ashura Muharram were held at various sisters houses:- Sister Shaheen Akhtar, Sister Haleema Bibi,Sister Zohra Bi, Sister Imtiaz, Sister Farzana Mahmood, Sister Fareen Hussain, Sister Parveen and also at the Islam Centre, Tinsley. The Minhaj Youth league had one programme at the Islam Centre on the ninth of Muharram.

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