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MQI Manchester visit Greater Manchester Humanist Meeting

Interfaith Dialogue

On Wednesday 12th October 2011, Shaykh Muhammad Ramadan Qadri Al Azhari (Principal of MQI Manchester) was invited to lecture at the monthly meeting of Greater Manchester Humanist society. The meeting took place in the historic ‘Manchester Friends House’ building. The Humanist Society is the national charity working on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity.

After all guests had settled, Robin Smith (Chairman) welcomed Shaykh Ramadan and associates of MQI Manchester. He gave an introduction to the theme of the evening ‘Islam from a Sufi Perspective’.  Shaykh Ramadan was then invited on stage to deliver his lecture on the topic. He spoke about how sufi’s were the people of love. People who ultimately seek a direct connection with god and how the sufi’s have worked throughout history. Following the speech a lively Q&A session began in which many questions were relayed to the panel. Question’s pertaining to the existence of God were the main point of discussion. Following the Q&A session, Shaykh Ramadan spoke about the Struggle of MQI in the eradication of extremism from our society. Humanist society members were given a copy of the ‘London Declaration 2011’ and were kindly encouraged to sign the declaration.

In conclusion, Shaykh Ramadan invited the hosts to MQI Manchester to further explore the subject of Religion and Secular Attitudes in society.


Reported by: Zaigham Khan