MWL Bradford supporting Syrian refugees


Minhaj Women League (MWL) UK Bradford have been working closely with Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) in order to provide aid and assistance to the Syrian Refugees who have arrived within the UK. Several families have arrived in Bradford; whom MWL Bradford have visited on a number of occasions in order to determine what they need assistance with. MWL Bradford are working in a rota so that each member of MWL can participate in helping the Syrian families.

The first visit made with some members of MWL Bradford was on the 28th January 2016, where food, clothes, and household items were distributed amongst the Syrian Refugees. The next visit took place on the 16th February 2016 where 7 families received blankets, towels, clothes, cardigans etc. After that, a visit then took place on the 18th February 2016 where a further 5 families were provided with blankets, towels, crockery, clothes (for ladies and children), uncooked food, milk and nappies for those who had babies. The most recent visit took place on the 23rd February 2016, where a further number of families were provided with blankets, clothes, crockery and bedding was provided.

MWL Bradford UK targets to make weekly visits to the Syrian Refugees who have arrived in Bradford to provide them with the basic essentials they need as well as ensuring families have settled in well and are comfortable, by means of socialising with them.

Reported by: Safiyyah Ahmad, MWL Bradford Media Secretary