MYL-S sisters participate in Grange ‘Summer Mela’ and promote Peace


On 7th July Saturday 2012 Muslim Youth League Sisters of Bradford attended a fundraiser in Grange Technology College; the funday was called the Grange ‘Summer Mela’ and was definitely a fantastic event. Amongst different acts of comedy and entertainment, the star performance was by Colin Nell, a professional freestyle footballer who amazed the audience with his different moves.  Another spectacular performance was by the popular US Nashed artist, Kaleem Salama. His beautiful melodious voice made sure that his message was transferred to the young people and the atmosphere was very beautiful and peaceful. The students were overjoyed by both performances, especially that of Colin Nell who performed different tricks and there many fans waiting for his autograph!

The MYL team were busy promoting the DISPERSE DVD’s, English lectures of Shaykh ul Islam, the Al Hidayah magazine and also various English books of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Popular by far was the orphan project; the £3 scheme for the Helpfeed  project established by MWF. Many people were impressed by the literature presented by MYL and promised to research further.

The MYL Sisters were also invited to write on the Peace Tree created by the students at Grange College. A message was left by everyone who embraced peace and the MYL Sisters also left a message, remembering the words of Shaykh ul Islam of Islam being the complete way of life promoting love, peace and knowledge.

The day was thoroughly successful, and it was definitely worthwhile as many people praised MYL and Shaykh ul Islam for the work being done for the younger generation as well as those who are elderly.