Second weekly Dhikr Mehfil at Minhaj ul Qur’an Bradford


With the grace of Almighty Allah and the blessings of Holy Prophet Muhamamd (Peace be upon Him), Minhaj ul Qur’an Bradford successfully held its second Dhikr Mehfil. The mehfil commenced with the Tilawat of Surah ash-Sharh:

“And We exalted for you your remembrance (by annexing it to Ours everywhere in the world and in the Hereafter). So surely ease (comes) with every hardship.”

[Irfan ul Qur’an:94:4-5]

Durood Sharif was then recited with much vigour as the participants of the mehfil were told that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) hears it himself, and therefore His remembrance is elevated as mentioned in the above ayah. Brother Nasir was invited to the stage to offer His praise in the Court of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and he praised Sayyida Haleema Sadia (RadhiAllahu ‘Anha), the beloved foster mother of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) Ejaz Ahmed Qadri was then invited to the stage and he recited a kalam on how the love of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) can change one’s life.

Once Salat ul Maghrib was offered in congregation, Allama Afzal Saeedi Sahib began his discourse; this week the topic was regarding the basic duty of a Muslim. Allama Sahib began by saying that within this spiritual gathering, there are no selfish desires other than the desire to please Almighty Allah. For that reason, the Shaitan will not want people to come to a place where Allah is being remembered and will try his best to deter the seeker. However, if we keep up the determination of coming every week and take the responsibility to invite others, then there is no such force will remain impenetrable. In Surah Aal e Imran, Almighty Allah commands:

“And from amongst you there must be a community comprising the people who invite mankind towards piety, enjoin righteousness and forbid evil. And they are the successful people.”

[Irfan ul Qur’an:3:104]

Therefore we must become the inviters of enjoining good and forbidding evil as Almighty Allah says to invite the people towards Him. There are two types of invitation:

1. Da’wah To invite the people

2. Tableegh To convey the message to the people

The main responsibility of every Prophet has been Da’wah and Tableegh; In Surah Al Maida, Almighty Allah instructs the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) to convey the message towards the people which was conveyed to Him (Peace be upon Him) by Almighty Allah. Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) upheld this task to perfection and since he was the last Prophet, after he left this world, this task was transferred to the Ummah. Hence it is up to us to pass the message on to the people. This is the reason why Almighty Allah calls the group of people who invite mankind towards piety, the successful people. Allama Saeedi Sahib further demonstrated that Da’wah occurs on 3 platforms:

1. Individual

2. National

3. International

Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) invited the people collectively and individually towards Almighty Allah and later internationally when the message of Islam spread throughout the Middle East and beyond. He (peace be upon Him) would sit on the Suffa in Masjid e Nabawi and would invite the people towards the true deen. According to the Qur’an, both males and females have the duty to invite people to enjoin good and forbid evil. Moreover, children should be brough to such gatherings so that they become familiar with the name of Allah. Allama Saeedi Sahib said, we have not been made the best Ummah for no reason; the reason is that we are expected to become the inviters. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said, according to the Mafhoom of the Hadith, if you want to sit in the way, adopt five means:

1. Look down and embrace modesty

Imam Muhammad Malik (May Allah be pleased with Him) would always walk with his eyes downcast and in a state of extreme modesty; a man would always observe him. One day, the man approached Imam Malik and asked if he could embrace Islam through Imam Malik. Imam Malik was pleased and asked what the reason was for the reversion? He replied, “I have seen the way you have walked for months and I thought, if this is the character of the disciple of Muhammad  then what must be the state of Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)!”

2. To remove any obstruction from the path that may cause injury

3. To reply to the Salam

4. To enjoin good

5. To forbid evil

Concluding his talk, Allama Saeedi Sahib expressed that each of us must strive to become the inviters and the first step would be to invite everyone to the weekly Dhikr Mehfils. Once the spiritually uplifting Dhikr had been completed, the Dua was offered so that everyone would leave the Mehfil having prayed in the Court of Almighty Allah.

Please invite other members to come to the Dhikr Mehfils, every Mondays from 7.15pm till 9.30pm, to give your soul the chance to take its fill. Separate arrangements are available for sisters through a projector screen set up. To keep up to date, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages

Report by: Mariya Qadri (Local Co-Ordinator of MYL-S Bradford)