HAQOOQ E ZAWJAIN programme held by MWL Bradford


In The name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Kind.

May the Peace and Blessings of Almighty Allah be upon his Beloved Messenger Muhammad and on his Family and his Companions and all those who follow him
Minhaj women league Bradford had the blessing to host their monthly program on Sunday 13th April 2014. The theme of the program was Haqooq e zawjain. (Rights of husband and wife). The program started at 3.30 and was hosted by sister Jannat. The schedule of the program is as following:

  • Tilawat e Quran:  Sister Iman Fatima who recited surah al fatiha
  • Hamd: Sister Rubina  Alhamdulliah Alhamdulliah
  • Daroud Sharif: Sister Shaheen
  • Naat: Sister Shaheen sona mera kamli wala
  • Naat: sister Ameeriah Kar de karam
  • Naat: Sister Asma  madina ka Safar
  • Naat: Sister Fazilat  Jab Sarkar
  • Naat: Sister Ameeirah teriya kya bata

After the Naat session sister Rubina spoke about the rights and responsibilities of both husband and wife. She cleared misconceptions people had regarding this topic. Sister Rubina emphasised that gaining knowledge is good but what makes that knowledge excellent and worthwhile is to put it into practise. As even Allah declares those people who have knowledge but do not implement it just like donkeys carrying books. As the donkey carries the knowledge but it is of no use to him. Hence sitting in this gathering today will be of no benefit if we do not put what they have learnt into practice.

Sister Rubina then explained that marriage is the foundation of attaining sakoon. As the wife can create paradise in that house or create it hell dependent on how she fulfils her responsibilities. The husband and wife are sakoon for each other they are to fulfil each other’s downfalls and complete each other’s deen. Sister Rubina gave practical examples to make the women understand how it relates back to their daily routine. Such as if the husband comes back tired from work then the wife should create an atmosphere for him where he can relax not that were the wife says I am also tired I have been working as well etc. as this attitude creates conflict. Marriage is about give and take hence both parties have to compromise and understand in order for a successful marriage.

Relationships are successful when respect and understanding exist. When these two aspects exist in an marriage then love is generated. Sister Rubina then spoke about the importance of halal money because were haram money is used to feed the needs of the family it creates negative effects on the family and the children’s life’s.

Sister Rubina explained the qualities of a wife explained by the holy prophet Muhammad (saw) that the inside beauty is what should be looked at rather than her appearance. The wife should be loving, child bearing, able to hides the bad qualities of her husband etc.

Sister Rubina then spoke about the rights of a wife and what responsibilities the husband has towards her. She spoke about this in reference with surah al Nisa. Sister Rubina then answered questions and issues the women had regarding this topic.

After the interactive speech the program came to conclusion with:

  • Zhikr sister Rehana
  • Salam sister Fazilat
  • Dua sister Rubina

Food was served at the end of the program which concluded at 6:30. The estimated amount of women attending the program was about 80. The next monthly program will be held in May and will discussing the importance of Rajab and the event of miraj that took place in this month.

Report by: Gazala Zaman, Secretary MWL Bradford