Friday 15th July: MYL sisters arrived at Westgate Church, carrying a laptop and heavy boxes of leaflets, posters, books and DVDs. All of which they would use to set up a MYL stall. Little did they know that the stall was to be set up outside in the cold and already greying cloudy sky.

It seemed like it was going to be a quiet event, but despite the cold, a large number of people turned up. This was probably due to the fact that Bradford’s Lord Mayor, Naveeda Ikram, the first Muslim Asian woman to become Lord Mayor in UK, made a personal appearance.

Hosting a cooking competition is no easy work, especially when the dishes vary from Chicken Pilau with Raita to Rasmalai and Carrot Cake. This year, the cooking competition was even bigger and better than the last one. The cooking competition was organised by Ash-Shaykh Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Saeed. He arranged for the students of his three classes, Pearls of Knowledge, Essence of Islam and junior class of Islam Made Easy to cook in MQI Bradford. Thankfully there were two kitchens to work in. It was an extraordinary day, and the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing. There were sisters chopping chillies, peeling onions, mashing potatoes and preparing exotic juices whilst some were busy making samosas, kebabs, chaat and preparing ingredients for the lasagne.

On Wednesday 8th June 2011 the ‘Islamic Da’wah Course’ which is thought by Shaykh Muhammad Afzal Saeedi was launched online, providing a service to people who want to learn about Islam but couldn’t travel to MQI Bradford in person to benefit from the course.