Halqa-e-Darood held by MWL Huddersfield


In the name of Allah ﷻ‎ a Halqa-e-Darood was organised on Wednesday 24th August 2016 at the residence of Sister Sidra Farooq (MWL Huddersfield President).

15 Sisters and 6 children (members and non-members) from the local community attended this blessed Mehfil enthusiastically.

The very spiritual gathering was held between 1-3pm. The mehfil began by the Sisters reciting Surah Yaseen. The main focus of this mehfil was the recitation of Durood Tanjeena, which was successfully recited 1100 times in 2 hours. Durood was then recited in the Minhaj way for 20 minutes, Sister Shamila (MWL Huddersfield Dawah Secretary) kept a record of the total durood recited so these figures could be passed on.

Hamd Mubarik and Naat Shareef were also recited by Sisters which were led by Sister Sidra Tamiur to offer our gratitude to our beloved Prophet Muhammed ﷺ‎. Amongst these naats were some favourites including 'Jise Chaha Dar Pe Bula Liya' and 'Dil Me Ishq-e-Nabi'.

The mehfil ended with the Zikr of Allah ﷻ‎ and by sending Salaam on The Prophet ﷺ‎. A special Dua concluded the mehfil and food was served.

It was a very blessed and spiritual gathering, these mehfils are very beneficial to participants and aim to increase the love of The Holy Prophet ﷺ‎ in their hearts which is one of the main objectives of Minhaj-ul-Quran as established by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-ul-Qadri.

May Allah ﷻ‎ grant us the passion to continue this & enlighten our hearts with Zikr-e-Rasool ﷺ‎.

Reported by:
Asma Akram, MWL Huddersfield General Secretary.
Edited by MWL UK Media Team