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Shabbe Bedari & Giyarveen Sharif


Minhaj ul Quran International Nelson have been proud to host two recent monthly Shabbe Bedari events over February & March 2020 which catered for the Educational, Moral & Spiritual self-development of the community. 

Led by both Alama Muhammad Nouman Al-Azhari & Alama Hafiz Muhammad Aziz, the evening was split into a number of engaging sessions. The evening commenced with recitation of the Quran & salutations on the beloved Messenger (ﷺ) by Hafiz Aqdus, Fayzaan Faisal & Kabir Hussain followed by an introduction to the aim & objectives of the evening.

The first session was led by Alama Muhammad Nouman Al-Azhari and covered the education elements of the evening which included the etiquettes of Quranic recitation, prayer and aspects of Islamic jurisprudence. An engaging session delivered through visual presentations and practical activities which involved the audience of all ages.

The second session was delivered through lectures of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri on the topics of; Importance of Durood Sharif and Moving away from Sin. This led onto the third session where the audience were taught spiritual remedies from the works of Shaykh ul Islam by the name of Fuzaat e Muhammadiya (Muhammadan Blessings (ﷺ)).

The fourth session was led by guest scholars Alama Muhammad Abdul Sattar Siraj (MQI Manchester) & Alama Abdul Saeed (MQI Accrington), both of whom reminded the audience of the objectives of Minhaj ul Quran international and the unique qualities in its leadership. Presenting an opportunity for the audience to become part of Minhaj ul Quran.

The evening concluded with collective Dhikr and Dua. Guests and attendees were served with a banquet. A number of children, youth and senior members of the community rested in the masjid before the engaging in the pre-dawn prayers and individual acts of worship. Participants left after Fajr prayer & breakfast with a rejuvenated state of mind and soul.

Report by: Tasnaf Raza