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MWL Sheffield hold Halqa-e-Durood


MashaAllah Minhaj Women league in Sheffield held the Halqa e Durood Shareef.  

Recitation of the holy Quran with Urdu translation was given by Baji Shahida followed by Baji Pukhraj beautiful Hadith Shareef, a short lecture by Dr Shaykh-ul-Islam, on Hadhrat Ghaus Pak (RTA) about their karamat and mureed , if you say you are a mureed of Ghous Pak Azam (RTA) by mouth they will accept him/her , on the day of judgement they will say he is my mureed. Naat Shareef, and Hadhart Ghous Pak Azam (RTA) wazifa Shariff was recited and the mehfil ended with beautiful Salat-o-Salaam and food for all.