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Al-Tazkiya 2020 - Interview with Dr Sanam Mustafa

Minhaj Sisters

After a short break, the next session commenced, the Exclusive Interview with Dr Sanam Mustafa (Molecular Pharmacologist). This was hosted by Sister Fardos Shahid and Sister Hafsah Shakeel. Firstly, Dr Sanam spoke about how she balanced moving away from home with childcare and other responsibilities. 

She highlighted that her mother was one of her biggest inspirations who helped her through the tough times in her life. She expressed that in life, when you are faced with a difficult or challenging situation, it is important that you find a way through it using the support you are given. It is important that to balance everything in your life, you should not stretch yourself too much and know what your limitations are. She also expressed how supportive her husband has been as well as her boss. Dr Sanam gave some very important tips to girls wanting to go into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It is important to recognise your opportunities and that your hurdles can become opportunities. Similarly, it is useful to stand out of the crowd, especially in a competitive field like STEM, and let people know who you are. She also advised that you should surround yourself with the people that are key for your success. She highlighted that people should find something that they are passionate about and will enjoy. Dr Sanam emphasised that she is open to sharing her struggles so that others will feel open to sharing their own struggles. The attendees found the interview to be inspiring and took note of the amazing advice that Dr Sanam Mustsafa provided!